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Varietal Wine - Kindzmarauli Wine

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Kindzmarauli (IZZM) is the most important grape variety used for Kindzmarauli wine. It is also the oldest grape variety still available. Kindzmarauli, which means "from the mountain", is named after the Russian town of Kindzmar, which became famous because of its apple and pears orchards. However, the name Kindzmarauli means literally, "appears like a mountain apricot". Kindzmarauli was introduced to Germany in the mid 1860's and became a huge success and is now grown in several important wine making regions of Europe, especially the South German Rhineland and Rhone Valley.


Kindzmarauli contains two kinds of grapes, namely, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. These grapes have distinct characteristics and are used to develop distinct vintages. Kindzmarauli has a sweet, semi-dark red colour and is known for its harmonious taste and deep, inky red colouring. Its aromas include spice and blackberry. The taste is smooth and creamy and has a low acidic acidity. Kindzmarauli also offers high quality protein and very good quality of alcoholic fatty acids, making it excellent for health and fitness.


Kakheti grapes are another important factor in Kindzmarauli wine. Kakheti grapes are long lasting and resistant to extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for wine producers. These grapes were introduced to Australia in the late 1970's when the country started growing its own varieties of grapes. Kakheti grapes are highly acidic and have a tangy taste. They have a moderately high content of tannin, making them difficult to process and even harder to preserve. Kakheti tends to be slightly less expensive than Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.


Kindzmarauli also has its characteristic fruity characteristics. Its fruity taste comes from a combination of different varieties of grapes. Riesling tends to give the wine a sweet taste while Sauvignon Blanc gives the wine a dry fruit taste. Due to the fruit flavor in this type of wine, kindzmarauli wine gives the drink a tart, acidic taste. But these flavors can be diluted by adding fruits, honey or any sweetener to the wine.


The best quality kvarelli grapes in Australia are sourced from the district of Kakheti located in Southern Georgia. This is because the climate and soil conditions of this region are ideal for growing saperavi grapes, which is the main variety of grape used to produce this type of wine. Kakheti district is also home to other famous grape varieties like Birra Vida, Semuliki, Bajan, Pippali etc. This makes it easy for Australia to produce and export the best kind of wine. Apart from kvarelli, this area produces other semi-sweet red wines like Thripunithorn, Thriipharnis, Satkumon and Thanavijaya.


This semi sweet wine is made with various kinds of grapes including kakheti, ryvithika, satkumon and nissamukha. The different varieties of grapes used to make this wine gives it an aroma that is distinct. Even though most kinds of grapes mentioned produce fragrant aromas, the one produced in this place is not one of them.


Kindzmarauli has a delicate taste that goes well with fruits, like pears, apples and strawberries. To achieve its flavor, the wine is subjected to a long fermentation process, during which the grape variety cultivated is experimented with. After the fermentation, tartaric acid is released and this makes the wine tart. The grapes then undergo a second fermentation, at which they lose their original flavor. This is when the grapes are made into wine and then bottled. It is one of the oldest varieties of wine from Australia and hence the kind of taste it retains is quite distinct.


Kindzmarauli can be identified as a fully ripe red variety of grape that is moderately acid. Kindzmarauli retains this flavor even after it has gone through several months of aging. The kind of acidity is attributed to the resins that are used to preserve the wine. These resins include tannin, butyric acid and the rare terroir.



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