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Is There Going to Be a Food Shortage

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With all the talk of world leadership getting together in South Korea, one nation that has not signed on is Canada. Yet Canada is a country with a huge military presence and a very important international role to play. Indeed, Canada's ability to protect its citizens and its interests around the world are keys to its continued success. But is Canada really prepared for a future where all the major food supplies get shipped over Sea of Japan. Is there going to be a food shortage?


That might be a problem if other countries in the food chain start to feel the pinch too. It could even lead to war between some of these nations. The other worry is that a world wide food shortage could lead to hyper price inflation. And we don't want that in this economy. Will there be Food shortages in 2021 and 2022 .


So how should you proceed? Well first, let's review how the world works. First off, nations with abundant supplies of food trade with other nations. That means Canada's agricultural sector depends on exporting its produce. If that market dried up, Canada would have problems feeding its people. Certainly something that the opposition parties don't want to hear.


Second, because of its size and role in the food chain, Canada has some protectionist tendencies. Its government keeps the border free from foreign goods. So if there is a problem with that supply, it will be cut off before more can get in. The same goes for the agricultural industry. Farmers aren't allowed to cross into the United States to get their supplies.


That cuts back on the food supply, which leads to more demand for food. Is that enough to keep the prices down? Not really. The fact that we have a currency that can withstand some supply cuts doesn't help.


Even if things do stay the way they are now, what's going to happen is we're not going to be able to grow that much anymore. That's going to lead to a problem with land grabbers and other crooks who are grabbing land and using it for their own gain. The result is going to be less production. Is that something Canada isn't willing to deal with? No.


We're in an era where the world is getting smaller by the day. Trade routes are fewer and commercial transportation costs are rising. All this is forcing countries to look to alternative ways to get their food to their consumers.


In a future scenario, maybe the answer to the question is there going to be a food shortage will be "yes." We'll either have to develop better ways to get our food to our consumers or we'll have to adapt to a system where everything gets delivered to your home. Either way, it's going to be some time before food gets to stores again. It will most likely be many years until enough of the world's food is stored in refrigerators and freezers to meet consumer demand.


This is going to have an enormous impact on the world's economy, and on the world's stability. If the supply of food is going to be lower than demand then that creates a price imbalance. Which means that prices are going to rise to counteract the deficit.


The good news is that there are things that can be done to prevent such a thing from happening. One of the first things that would have to happen is that there would have to be an increase in the population size. Maybe in addition to raising the birth rate through immigration, we'd have to teach every new born baby how to grow their own food. That's going to be hard though, and even if we do it is going to take many thousands of years to return to the status quo. The other option is that a space vessel would have to be invented or launched, and it would carry all of the food on board. That way people wouldn't have to starve to death.


Is there going to be a food shortage? Well it's probably not near as bad as predicted. If you look at the last few decades there has been very little change. In fact, if you look back at the last several decades you'll see that most of the major ups and downs were caused by wars. Between war you get more of what we call crop disasters. So if there was ever going to be a time when there was going to be a true food shortage, it never showed up.


The other problem with predicting a collapse of the food supply is that it will most likely happen after a great depression. When a depression lasts for a long time it causes a domino effect. Other things cause even more chaos. It would be hard to say if we are heading towards a collapse, but it might just be possible that we are already in the process of a collapse. If you want to learn more about your food supply and how you can help ensure that there is always enough food on the table for you and your family then you should sign up for a free home delivery of Food Safe Plus.



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