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Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management

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The one-year PGD PM programme is a vital step to improve the skills of future managers. The qualification focuses on developing useful competencies associated with effective project management practices. During the programme, students learn how to analyse data and evaluate them. They also develop the confidence to apply these skills in a practical environment. These qualities are necessary to succeed in a career. This course is suited for people with a proven track record in project management.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management is offered part-time and via distance learning. The curriculum comprises of 20 subject modules. In order to successfully complete the programme, learners must complete at least 12 of them. Eight are mandatory, while the remaining four are optional. The coursework will comprise of eight core modules and four elective ones. The course allows students to study at their own pace, and online lectures, tutorials, and exams will be conducted online.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management is available in two years and is offered online. The program is comprised of twenty subject modules. Each participant must complete 12 of them. They must pass eight core modules and four elective modules. Approximately 60 credits are required to complete the program. The coursework and examinations are held online and can be completed without having to travel to campus. The final exams are held in January. In addition, the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management is accredited by a number of governing bodies.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management is designed to meet the needs of various industries, including those in finance, healthcare, and business. The curriculum has been designed to address the specific needs of various sectors, including government, industry, and academia. It includes electives specific to the student's sector. This allows individuals to tailor their programme based on their career goals and interests. For example, they may specialize in business, construction, or IT.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management program is structured to meet the needs of different sectors and industries. It offers an integrated academic curriculum with hands-on experience. The courses are designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing participants to choose the electives that are most relevant to their industry. The program also provides a comprehensive CV that includes information on other activities outside of the workplace. A qualified graduate is ready to take on the challenges of the global business climate.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management program is designed to prepare graduates for their next career move. It will prepare students to use specialist project management skills in their job roles and can even function as managers responsible for a project management office. As a niche skill in South Africa, the program aims to meet the demands of the business community and industries. In addition to this, it will also serve as a valuable asset for those in the project-management industry.



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