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Detox in Malibu

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A Detox in Malibu is a wonderful opportunity to rid your body of toxins and regain balance. This Californian city is known for its laid-back beach culture. In addition to sand and surf, you can also find plenty of healthy food restaurants. Healthy foods are an essential part of recovery and the city has an abundance of both. You will be able to enjoy a relaxed pace in Malibu and avoid triggers that might cause a craving.

Passages Malibu


Passages Malibu was founded by Chris and Pax Prentiss, who had been fighting their ten-year addiction to drugs and alcohol when they first started the center. Chris and Pax developed a holistic approach to recovery that helped their son recover from addiction and break the cycle of substance abuse. The Prentisses also wanted to create a program for other addicts to overcome the barriers that often deter people from seeking treatment. Despite the fact that they didn't have a lot of resources, they found a solution for themselves and a way to help others fight their addictions. The Malibu location is one of many of Passages' locations.


Unlike many other addiction treatment facilities, Passages Malibu offers a more holistic approach to treating addiction. While it is not a 12-Step program, it does offer one-on-one treatment and does not believe in group therapy. Patients can expect to spend four to six weeks at the facility. The program focuses on individual therapy, which will help them identify their core issues and open up to their counselors.


LifeSync Malibu


LifeSync detox in Malibu is a premier residential treatment center for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. This medically accredited treatment center was founded by Dr. Geoffrey A. Booth, a world-renowned physician who has treated thousands of patients. His passion for helping others led him to create a treatment program that focuses on dual diagnosis and residential healing. LifeSync is located on a private estate in Malibu, CA.


While the facility itself is beautiful, many clients are concerned about infection control and prevention. To address this concern, staff members at LifeSync Malibu have received specialized training in infection control and prevention. In addition, COVID-19 testing and enhanced protocols are offered. This is an excellent sign of a reputable treatment center. LifeSync Malibu is located in a picturesque area of Malibu, CA. Whether you're a man or woman in need of detoxification, LifeSync Malibu is the right place for you.

Oro Malibu


Oro detox in Malibu is a luxury rehabilitation center located in a tranquil setting overlooking Zuma Beach. The luxurious residential quarters are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the culinary skills of renowned chefs. Patients can also enjoy an exclusive Zen room and meditation studio. Additionally, the center offers gym memberships, yoga, and meditation classes. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between a full detox program or a partial hospitalization program. Those who need a youth program can choose from a youth treatment program that focuses on the unique challenges of young people struggling with addiction.


The co-founders of Oro House opened the luxury rehab center in Malibu in 2010 and are expanding treatment options to other locations. While the program in Malibu is currently out-of-network with health insurance companies, the Mar Vista facility is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is used by one-third of Americans. The Malibu clinic is an out-of-network provider for Anthem, but is in-network with other insurance companies.

Milestones Ranch Malibu


If you're looking for a drug rehab in Malibu, California, you should consider Milestones Ranch. The Malibu facility focuses on both mental health and substance abuse treatment. There are several payment options at the facility, including cash, private health insurance, and IHS/Tribal/Urban funds. This article will give you a breakdown of what you can expect. You may be surprised to learn that Milestones Ranch accepts insurance.


The staff at Milestones Ranch in Malibu is compassionate and trained to provide the best treatment for its patients. The staff is comprised of licensed nurses, CADCs, therapists, and pharmacists. They are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care for each individual patient. Each person is provided with individualized attention and support, which makes the entire process easier. This treatment center is a wonderful place to begin your recovery.



If you're considering a detox in Malibu, California, you might consider LifeSync detox. Founded by Dr. Geoffrey Booth, this residential treatment center focuses on the needs of the whole person and is licensed to treat both men and women. LifeSync detox in Malibu offers an environment that fosters recovery while also treating dual diagnosis. It also offers several additional perks, including outdoor seating areas, a jacuzzi, and an onsite kitchen.


LifeSync Malibu is a residential treatment center and dual diagnosis detox center, designed by leading physician Dr. Geoffrey Booth. The staff is dedicated to helping each patient overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives. Dual diagnosis treatment is also a key component of the program, and LifeSync Malibu provides both services in a compassionate and professional atmosphere. This private treatment center offers a number of perks, including a physician-owned and operated facility.

Access Malibu


When you decide to go for a Detox in Malibu, you should do so for several reasons. One of the most important is the environment. This beautiful beachside community is a great place for detoxing because it offers a tranquil, calming environment. Additionally, the city is home to many healthy food joints and restaurants. Eating healthy is an important part of recovery, so make sure to find a place that offers these options.


Inspire is a Malibu drug and alcohol treatment center that combines proven therapeutic methods with the latest scientific research to treat substance use and co-occurring psychiatric conditions. Staff at this facility are extensively trained and have years of experience in various types of therapy, from cognitive-behavioral therapy to hypnosis. They strive to ensure that each client has a positive experience. There are no hidden costs, and the entire process takes seven to ten days.



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