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What Do Uniformed Security Officers Do

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If you've ever wondered: "What do uniformed security officers do?" you're not alone. A uniformed security guard is an invaluable asset to any business. They can help prevent crime, and offer a clear visual deterrent. You'll have peace of mind knowing your building and assets are safe. Read on to learn more about the job of a uniformed security officer. We've outlined some of the most common duties of a uniformed security officer, and discussed a few of their benefits.


The main function of a security officer is to prevent and respond to crimes that can disrupt the working environment. They can perform a variety of tasks, from patrolling the perimeter to performing security checks. Depending on the environment, their duties will vary. Many businesses hire uniformed security officers from the American Protection Group, a leading security company. They provide 24-hour service for business owners, and they work with all kinds of industries.


Some security officers may also act as agents of law enforcement. Their job description and duties have evolved over the years. These professionals are often called upon to protect property and properties while they are in transit. A security officer may even be hired at a high-risk business or event. Security officers also play a pivotal role in preventing crimes. But what do they do exactly? Let's take a look! We'll go over some of the common jobs of security agents.


A non-commissioned security officer is typically unarmed. These security officers wear a DPS-approved uniform and are typically there as a good witness. The main difference between non-commissioned and commissioned officers is that the former is required to submit renewal fees every two years, while the latter requires no formal training or licensing. But these two careers are largely similar. And while they're both a great fit for the security field, they do have some commonalities.


The duties of a security officer vary widely. In some cases, they are armed. These officers are also skilled sleuths. Their training and duties depend on where they work. Ultimately, security officers must have strong commitments and the ability to work under duress and in stressful situations. They must be capable of standing for long periods of time, and be available to work night and day shifts.


Some positions require licenses to carry firearms. To become a security guard in Virginia, you must be certified by the DCJS, the same agency that certifies police officers. Security guards must also take an eight-hour annual in-service training course in firearms and security. You must obtain this training within 90 days of being hired and renew it every two years. This training is very valuable, so make sure you check all of your qualifications before applying for a security job.



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