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Choosing Wedding Chairs

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When selecting your wedding chairs wholesale, consider the aesthetics of the setting and the type of wedding. A rustic, farmhouse or urban warehouse venue can benefit from a set of rustic metal chairs. Their backbone runs through the middle of the chair, which adds charm and personality to the event. Many of these chairs come with luxurious velvet upholstery and shiny brass brushed legs. If you're thinking about going for a vintage look, consider renting or purchasing vintage-style chairs for your wedding.

Metal frames, on the other hand, can be dressed up with decorative slipcovers, colourful cushions and stylish sashes. Or, you can go for a more contemporary look and keep the metal frames bare. Stackable chairs are commonly used at hotel and banquet hall event chairs wholesale. They come in three different styles: round, square or crown-back. Wedding chairs can also be custom-ordered with a design decal on the back.

Wooden folding chairs are also a popular choice for rustic venues and casual weddings alike. You can even dress them up with aisle markers or ribbons to match the decor of the reception area. Choosing these chairs for your wedding will add an elegant touch without the fuss of expensive upholstered chairs. Tuscan-style chairs, with their natural wood finish and signature "X" in the back, are an elegant choice. Cross-back chairs exude a rustic elegance that is especially popular in farm-style venues.

The standard wedding chair is the chiavari chair, pronounced sha-var-ree. It is a timeless option and is usually found in white, but you can find them in other colors too. Their rounded shape and delicate spindles add an elegant touch to a wedding. These chairs look great when paired with a brightly colored tablecloth, while adding a colorful sash gives them an elegant touch.

If you're planning a rustic, beach-inspired wedding, consider using bamboo wedding chairs. The look of these chairs is very welcoming, and they look fantastic with floral or patterned table linens. Similarly, bentwood chairs are another popular option for weddings. They are available in natural wood or black, and can complement a trendy bistro setting as well as an elegant formal occasion. There are many other types of wedding chairs to choose from.

If you're hosting a traditional wedding, you may be surprised to find out that your wedding venue does not supply the chairs. If this is the case, you should research local wedding rentals to find decorative chairs that suit the theme. It's best to have an idea in your mind about the type of wedding chair you want, as some of them are hard to find or are only available from specialty suppliers. Check out vendor websites and their social media profiles and note other wedding rentals they offer.

Getting wedding chairs is an important detail in the planning of a wedding. They will not only give your guests a comfortable place to sit during the ceremony, but they will also appear in many photos. Moreover, you'll want to choose chairs that will go well with the rest of your wedding decor. Even if your wedding venue provides basic chairs for rent, you may want to consider renting them for your reception. You can save money by avoiding extravagant party rental options.


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