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Why Choose Garden City Blinds

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If you're looking for blinds in Ayrshire, you've come to the right place. Locally owned and operated, Garden City Blinds has been furnishing windows in Ayrshire for over 30 years. This has given them an established reputation for providing exceptional service. Learn more about the company's range of window treatments, including Plantation shutters, solar shades, and motorized blinds. Then, contact Garden City Blinds to get started.

Solar shades filter the light

Garden City Solar shades filter the light are window treatments that cover windows with a single layer of screen-like material. They are operated by a roller or tube mechanism. Some models have a looped lift chain, while others operate by gentle tugs on the fabric. Their primary function is to filter out UVA and UVB rays, which can cause sunburn and damage to floors, furnishings, and artwork.

The benefits of solar shades are many. They reduce glare, manage heat loss, and make a room look larger. Thermal drapes and darker roller shades provide the same benefits, but don't have the drawbacks during the day. These shades aren't black-out blinds, but any opaque material will work. In addition to reducing glare, they also filter out harmful UV rays, making the room appear brighter.

Plantation shutters add warmth

During the winter months, plantation shutters help retain the warmth inside the home. They also block out harsh winds and cold weather. People living in colder climates understand the cost of keeping a home warm. Not only do they look good, but they also add warmth and charm to any room. They complement traditional and modern decor. They can help you save money on your energy bills, too. Read on to learn how to enjoy the warmth of plantation shutters.

When purchasing plantation shutters, consider the many benefits. The shutters seal tightly against window frames, preventing unwanted air from entering or escaping. The louvers in plantation shutters provide extra insulation. Additionally, shutters let in more warmth than other window treatments. These window coverings are thicker and more durable than many other window treatments, and their thickness makes them an effective barrier against energy loss. This means that they are an excellent choice for those who are concerned about the safety of their children.

Motorized blinds offer privacy

When you need to close the blinds in your Garden City home, motorized window treatments are an excellent option. Not only can they be operated remotely by a remote control or an app on your phone, but they can also be controlled by timers and light levels. This means you don't have to spend extra time monitoring your blinds. With battery power, your blinds will last longer and won't run out of juice after a few hours.

These shades also offer convenient, one-touch adjustments for different seasons. Whether you want to block a spring breeze or enjoy a hot tub during the summer, motorized shades are the perfect solution. The blinds can follow the angle of the sun and adjust automatically. These blinds are a great choice if you want to maintain privacy but still allow the outside world to see in. In addition, they will save you time by making your house more energy efficient.

They are durable

You may be wondering if Garden City Blinds are durable. Thankfully, they are! You should be able to count on your blinds to last for years. In fact, most are made of high-quality materials that will withstand the test of time. If you haven't yet decided on the type of material you want for your window coverings, here are some things to consider. The materials that are used in window blinds will determine their durability.

Wood blinds are durable and easy to maintain. They're resistant to constant exposure to the sun, temperature changes, moisture, and dirt and debris. They're also available in many colors and styles. Whether you have a modern, beach-inspired, or classic style of decor, there's a wood blind to fit the bill. In addition to their durability, wood blinds also look great. You'll have the option of selecting a blind that matches the style of your room.

They are energy efficient

The benefits of installing window coverings such as blinds, shades, or plantation shutters are numerous. They are an excellent way to block heat loss and UV rays while letting in natural light. The size of the slats does not affect the efficiency of your blinds. In addition, you can choose to install energy-efficient blinds for the highest insulating value. For more information about the benefits of window coverings, visit the Garden City Blinds website.

Window coverings can help your home be more energy efficient and cut your monthly utility bills. By reducing heat loss, they can even help you lower your utility bills. In addition to their energy-efficient properties, they provide you with improved privacy by preventing prying eyes. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to enhance your d├ęcor. And with their high-quality craftsmanship, they can last for years. Polywood plantation shutters in Garden City, OH, are among the best faux wood shutters available in the area.


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