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Writing Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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Whether you're a long-form novelist or a short-form writer, you can use writing apps to boost your productivity. These apps allow you to work without distractions and save your work in a cloud-based folder. Writers can use them to track word counts, control document versions, and export their work to PDF.


One of the most popular writing apps is Trello, which helps you organize notes and writing projects. You can collaborate with other users and start discussions. The app works on several platforms, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Another popular note-taking app is Evernote. It allows you to create lists of notes, keep track of word counts, and organize quotes.


Grammarly is another writing app worth checking. This app allows you to write with confidence, and it offers a helpful knowledge base to improve your writing. It also works on various websites, and you can install it on your browser to boost your writing style. You can also use Final Draft, which allows you to collaborate with other writers in real-time. It has useful features, including auto-filling commonly used names and locations. It also supports images and allows you to write screenplays without using your keyboard.


Another writing app is Jasper, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered article writer. This app can rewrite existing articles, and it has a WordPress plugin. It's a good choice for people who are experiencing writer's block. By avoiding the tedious task of manually collating information, this app can greatly speed up the writing process.


Some writing apps can also help you improve your grammar, spelling, and style. These writing apps use AI to improve your writing quality. They make suggestions based on your writing style. The software also improves your writing by suggesting stylistic changes and correcting grammatical errors. It can even make you more creative by suggesting grammar and wording improvements.



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