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School Holidays in Australia 2023

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The Australian education departments determine the dates of school holidays in each state and territory. Each state follows a four-term-per-year calendar, but the start and end dates for each term vary by up to a week. Term 1 is generally the first four weeks of the year, and the second term is a longer holiday period that typically extends from five to six weeks.


While most government schools follow the same schedules as the private sector, it's important to check with your child's school to be sure that the start and end dates are the same. However, there are some differences between urban and remote schools. In addition to the official start and end dates, some school holidays in Australia 2023 have pupil-free days and Staff Professional Development Days.


Keeping these dates in mind can help you plan your next trip to Australia. Once you've decided on the dates for your vacation, make sure to check the public school calendar to make sure you'll be able to find the perfect holiday. By knowing the dates, you'll be able to plan your trip around the school holidays so your kids will have the time they need to learn new things.



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