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Custom Insoles - How They Can Help You Train For Longer and Prevent Common Foot Problems

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While custom insoles are a great way to improve the comfort of your shoes, they don't cure every foot problem. However, they can help athletes and serious runners train for longer, free from pain. Though orthotics aren't perfect, proper care can help you prevent or alleviate many common foot problems.


The first step in getting custom insoles is to ensure that you understand your foot's shape and arch type. Your shoe should fit properly, and your insoles should be comfortable and well-fitted. If you're not sure what shape your foot is, you can schedule a foot examination at your local sports medicine store. If you know your foot type, your doctor will be able to recommend custom insoles that will improve your comfort and posture.


While regular insoles provide cushioning and shock absorption, custom insoles are designed to fit your foot structure and provide optimal support. The custom insoles fit in your shoes and are placed in the shoe. Custom orthotics will not only give you the correct support, but will also activate your body's natural healing process.


If you can't afford a custom orthotic, there are many over-the-counter options. These include custom insoles, which can be bought at a pharmacy, or prefab orthotics, which are a quick and easy solution for your child's foot pain. However, these orthotics aren't as effective and will not fit your child as well as a custom insole.



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