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What is a Bearbrick Figure

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A BEARBRICK figure is an anthropomorphic bear that can be made of plastic or wood and has a variety of articulations. These figures usually have nine parts and are available in different sizes and colors. Some designs are translucent plastic and glow-in-the-dark, while others are made of wood or felt.


Bearbricks are collectible toys that have become popular with children and adults alike. The company behind them, Medicom Toy, has partnered with fashion designers and artists to create exclusive designs and release them as collectibles. These bears have grown in popularity over the years, becoming sought-after art pieces.


A Bearbrick figure is seven centimeters tall. It can be found in half-size versions, which are four centimeters tall. The largest size is a hundred percent bearbrick, which stands at seventy centimeters tall. There are also smaller versions of the bears, such as the 20% chogokin Bearbrick, which is fourteen centimeters tall.


Since its release twenty-one years ago, the Bearbrick has become a sought-after collectible. While the original bears were simple and inexpensive, some of the most expensive models sold at auction for tens of thousands of dollars. Its popularity has even led to collaborations with some of the world's most famous fashion houses.


Bearbrick figures are limited-edition designer toys that can be shaped like an animal or human. They can even move their arms and legs. These unique toys stand at the intersection of fashion, design, and art. Famous artists have also used these toys for their own creations. They have become an important part of pop culture and have become collectibles in their own right.


One of the most expensive Bearbricks sold on StockX recently is a collaboration between Mastermind Japan and Bearbrick. It features the iconic skull and crossbones logo of the brand and includes gold details. This figure carries heavy OVO vibes. The price tag is approximately $17,000. However, there are many more ways to acquire a Bearbrick figure. You can even get them with a watch!


Bearbricks are rare collectibles that can be highly valuable. Some are even worth more than their original cost. Some collectors are willing to spend up to GBP twelve thousand dollars on one. In recent years, Bearbrick figures have been created by several different artists. Known for being collectible display toys, Bearbricks can be resold for many times their original price. If you can find a Bearbrick with your favorite artist, it may be the perfect addition to your collection.



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