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Hiring a Qualified Arborist in Winnipeg

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In Winnipeg, residents have several options for hiring a qualified winnipeg arborist. These options range from performing boulevard tree planting to park tree maintenance. In addition to hiring an arborist, residents can also hire a qualified contractor to perform work on their property. However, they must ensure that their work is completed in accordance with the City of Winnipeg's specifications, which follow the ANSI A3000 Part 1-2001 Pruning Standards. These objectives include pruning for structural and aesthetic purposes, cleaning, thinning, and raising.

Some Winnipeg trees are naturally adapted to the city's climate. There are a number of trees that grow well here, including trembling aspen, white poplar, and balsam poplar. Trees that are native to Manitoba can grow to significant heights. For more information, you can consult the Field Guide to Native Trees of Manitoba.

Many Winnipeg trees are heritage trees. While the precise age of Middle Gate Cottonwood is unknown, arborist Gerry Engel estimates that it is 120 to 150 years old. But he doesn't care. Whether or not the tree is old, it has a rich history and deserves to be preserved.

While H1N1 is creating a lot of hype in the news, another disease ravaging Winnipeg's trees is Dutch elm disease. The City of Winnipeg has lost about 4,400 trees in the past three years due to the disease. Meanwhile, researchers are working on a vaccine for the disease.

A certification in arboriculture is an important step towards a career in the industry. ISA-certified arborists have undergone extensive education and experience in the field. In addition, they adhere to a Code of Ethics that further reinforces their credibility. Certification also ensures that arborists are up-to-date on new techniques and treatments.


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