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Firestone, SureDrive, and Firehawk Tires in Hemet

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If you're looking for a new set of tires for your car, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for Hemet tires, SureDrive, Transforce, or Firehawk tires, there's a brand that will meet your needs. And thanks to our great prices, you can afford them too!



If you're looking for tires in Hemet, you'll be glad to know that Firestone Complete Auto Care has been helping our neighbors since 1926. Firestone offers standard maintenance, tires, and repairs to keep your car running smoothly and safely for years to come. The company's goal is to provide you with quality service and a safe, reliable car, so you can enjoy a longer, healthier life.


Whether you're driving a car in the city or on the open road, Firestone tires are the right choice. The company offers a variety of tire options, including all-season tires and winter tires. For example, the Destination LE3 all-season tire is designed with industry-leading all-season tire technology.



If you want to replace the tires on your car, you can opt for SureDrive tires. The brand's tires are affordable, starting at $60.9 each. They are available in 40 different sizes, 18 models, and 5 all-season tires. The company also offers free shipping. Moreover, they go through rigorous quality control measures, including specialized equipment inspection.



Transforce tires from Firestone are made for commercial trucks and light trucks that require extra traction and durability. With a 10-ply construction, these tires are built to withstand harsh weather and tough hauling jobs. Transforce tires are available in a range of sizes from 16 inches to twenty inches.


The Transforce AT tire provides excellent traction on a wide range of road surfaces. Its advanced high-modulus tread compound is complemented by steel and polyester construction. It also has large closed shoulder blocks for added stability under load. Its aggressive inner tread blocks help you maintain control on the road.



Firehawk tires are perfect for all-season driving, and you can find them at a great price at Firestone Complete Auto Care. This local company has been helping neighbors since 1926 with standard maintenance, tires, and repair services. Their focus is on quality service and extending the life of your car.


Whether you drive a truck or a sedan, Firestone tires will fit your needs. You can select from snow tires, all-season tires, or sports tires. If you're looking for the right tires for your car, visit your local Firestone tire store in Hemet.

Transforce Off-Road


Firestone Transforce Off-Road tires are designed for commercial light trucks. They offer on-road traction and off-road traction in wet and dry conditions. These tires feature long-link carbon tread compound with notched shoulders and independent intermediate tread blocks. They also feature wide circumferential grooves for increased hydroplaning resistance. Other features include lateral grooves and multiple sipes to increase biting edges.


Transforce Off-Road tires are made for commercial and light trucks and SUVs. They are designed with extra traction in rain and mud, and provide excellent damage resistance. They are a great choice for rough terrain and cumbersome hauling jobs. They are also suitable for all seasons.

Firehawk Off-Road


Firestone off-road tires are known for their dependability, performance and durability. They can be found at local retailers, such as Ramona Tire, in Hemet, CA. In addition, you can count on Firestone's 90-day Buy-and-Try Guarantee to cover eligible purchases.


The Firehawk road tire's tread compound contains high levels of silica, which boosts traction in wet conditions. It shaves nearly two seconds from a wet lap evaluation, and can even stop your vehicle five feet shorter in snow than with a standard tire. The silica content in the tread compound also helps to keep tread wear to a minimum.



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