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Dragon Incense Burner

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Dragon Incense Burner


Dragon incense burners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. You can choose one that burns incense sticks or cones, has a waterfall effect, or combines all of these features. In addition to the burner, you can get accessories like a gold mat or tweezers to remove burned cones. Some have a funny smell, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing your dragon incense burner.

Incense cones


Dragon incense burners are an excellent way to burn incense and provide an attractive decorative piece for your home. They are traditionally made of cold-cast resin with red insets for eyes, and they look like an ornate Gothic dragon's head. These dragon burners also feature a separate base for easy use. Dragon incense burners are a great option for both modern and traditional settings. Dragons are often believed to bring auspicious energy to a home. They can be found in a wide variety of designs, and they look beautiful in any home.


Dragon incense burners feature a backflow holder to prevent overflow. This type of burner is ideal for small spaces. It comes with special tweezers to remove the cones, and a small mat to protect your furniture from dripping smoke.

Waterfall effect


This backflow dragon incense burner is a great addition to any living space. Its backflow design oozes incense smoke downwards through a mystical dragon. The audacity and systematic spread of incense fragrance is sure to sanctify your home and create a connection with the spirit world. The calming smoke of a dragon incense burner is perfect for meditation, writing, and yoga.


Dragons have fascinated people for generations. Now, you can enjoy the waterfall effect of the dragon incense cones by using decorative tabletop dragon incense burners. These incense burners are available at a wide range of prices. Some of these burners come with incense, which is fine until you want to pick your own. Some sets also come with a tweezers and a mat that you can use to burn your cones.


A waterfall incense burner is similar to a regular incense burner, but it differs in many ways. First of all, the backflow cones are hollow, which allows air to pass through them and into the surrounding air. Secondly, they produce a much higher volume of smoke than normal incense burners. And, most importantly, the waterfall effect is enhanced by the thicker smoke produced by the incense.



The dragon incense burner is a great gift idea for someone who loves dragons. Dragons symbolize power and good fortune. This bronze burner is made with an image of eight dragons chasing a flaming jewel. It is also a great gift for someone who appreciates truth and wisdom. It is 6.5" in diameter and includes a bowl and lid.


You can also use a dragon incense burner to create a relaxing zen atmosphere in your home. Incense is often used for meditation, to create special experiences for guests, and to enjoy the subtle aroma. In addition to its aroma, incense sticks contain essential oils that have many health benefits.



The price of a dragon incense burner will vary depending on the characteristics of the piece. Prices range from $199 to $4,800. This is largely due to the material used to make the dragon. Bronze, brass, or metal are popular materials used for dragon incense burners.


A dragon incense burner is a great way to create a zen atmosphere in your home. Incense is a wonderful way to meditate and experience special moments with your family and friends. Incense sticks are made of powder that is mixed with essential oils that provide several health benefits. These benefits are not only spiritual but also physically.


The Dragon Head Incense Burner is an amazing piece that will add a touch of class and refinement to your home. It is an excellent present for the gamer, dreamer, or Game of Thrones fan. It has an attractive design and is priced well. The dragon head incense burner holds two cones of incense and will produce a delightful smoke.

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