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Vietnam Football Team

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During the Vietnam War, the national football team of Vietnam was severely depleted. In the 1950s, Vietnam was divided into two parts: North Vietnam and South Vietnam. When South Vietnam became a socialist state, the football team of South Vietnam stopped playing international matches. Vietnam played its first international match in 1905, when a local team made up of Vietnamese and French players played against a British warship, the Alfred.  You can watch it on Saoketv.


During the 1960s, Vietnamese football made some progress. They participated in the ASEAN Football Federation championship in 1996. In the AFC Asian Cup qualification, they beat South Korea. In 2007, the Vietnamese national team made it to the quarterfinals of the AFC Asian Cup. They lost to the eventual champions, Iraq. During the Southeast Asian Games in 2005, the football team of Vietnam received money from a gambling ring. In the same year, seven Vietnamese soccer players were found guilty of match fixing. The Ho Chi Minh City court handed down verdicts in relation to this case. In the AFC U-23 Championship in 2018, Vietnam was the underdog.


The football team of Vietnam had never won a World Cup or Asian Cup before. The country suffered multiple disappointing runs in the 2010 and 2014 World Cup qualifiers. The team has lost in semi-finals and semi-finals. However, the country's football team won the AFF Championship title in 2008. It won the ASEAN championship in 2008.


The Vietnam national football team was formed in 1991 after the Vietnam War. Football was introduced in the French colony of Cochinchina (Nam Ky) in 1896. French soldiers were the first to introduce football in Saigon. In 1907, football was played in Saigon, and locals began to form teams. The first female football team, called Cai Von, appeared in Can Tho in 1932. The team was run by Nguyen Dinh Tri, Ba Ve, Phu Khai and Ngoi Sao Xanh. The team was the first to be sponsored by Nike. The team was formed by the leaders of the football community.


The Vietnam national football team won its first international honour in 2008. Vietnam won the AFF Championship title in 2008. They have played in all the ASEAN championships, and they have never lost to Japan. The national football team has won six matches in its history. It has been sponsored by Nike and Adidas. The current kit sponsor is Grand Sport. The colors of the home team are red and yellow, and the away team is white with red trim.


The Vietnam national football team participated in the Sea Games tournament in 2007. They played Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. The team held back against weaker Burma. In the end, Vietnam lost 4-0. After that tournament, Nguyen Huu Thang forced his resignation.


The Vietnamese football team failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in 2006. However, it was considered the second best team in Southeast Asia, and it has played in four AFF Suzuki Cups. They also played in the Southeast Asian Games, and finished in fourth place both times. In the AFC Asian Cup, the Vietnam national team advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2007 tournament, but lost to the eventual champions, Iraq.



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