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CBD Health Collection Review

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Located in the Granville square of Columbus, Ohio, the CBD Health Collection is a relatively new player in the cannabidiol game. The company started selling cannabidiol products online in January of last year and opened up a brick and mortar storefront last year. The company specializes in consumer goods - and not gimmicks. The company has a handful of products, including an award winning line of hemp derived cannabidiol supplements and topical treatments, which have received accolades from both consumers and medical professionals alike. The company also offers free shipping and a no hassle return policy.


The company is led by CEO Rick Dawson, a seasoned pharmaceutical exec with a penchant for technology and green sartorial products. The company's flagship product, Epidiolex, has garnered some attention for its ability to treat two types of epilepsy. The company also operates a state of the art laboratory that tests its products. The company's offerings are relatively inexpensive compared to their counterparts in the industry. The company is also a big fan of CBD based pet products, a topic of interest to many a pet owner. The company has a large number of active customers, including those who are looking to treat their pets to a new level of health. The company also operates a small but devoted team of product development experts, which is a rarity among its competitors. The company's offerings include some of the more complex CBD products on the market, which have the potential to offer significant benefits to customers with chronic pain or medical conditions. The company's products are all lab tested to ensure purity and potency, and the company is well versed in handling returns and refunds.


The company's products are largely composed of cannabidiol extracted from industrial hemp, with no heavy metals or solvents to speak of. The company is also notable for being the first to produce a small-batch version of a high potency cannabidiol supplement, which has been lauded as a breakthrough in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The company offers a host of other services, including free samples and educational product reviews. The company also makes a case for the quality of its products, which is a plus in an industry that has a reputation for shortchanged customers.



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