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Carbon Fiber Fenders for the GM Corvette

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GM is using carbon fiber to manufacture the exterior body parts of the 2004 Z06 Corvette Coupe. The Z06 is arguably the fastest version of the Corvette and it was also the first vehicle to be produced with an exterior body panel based entirely on carbon fiber. The fenders are made from a T600-24K carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg made by Toray Composites America Inc., located in Tacoma, Wash.


carbon fibre wing has many advantages, including high strength to weight ratio, low thermal expansion, high tensile strength, and excellent chemical resistance. Using carbon fiber on the body of a vehicle also allows for a more aerodynamic design because it eliminates the weight of metal. The fenders also have a shiny clear coat finish that resists flaking and chipping. In addition, carbon fiber is lightweight, making them a perfect choice for track cars or weekend street cars. The fenders are available in OEM and aftermarket styles, as well as a glossy carbon fiber finish.


GM began working with Vermont Composites to determine if the process could be scaled up to produce seven times the number of fenders it was producing now. At the time, Vermont Composites was manufacturing fenders using four tools in each cure. The company also wanted to determine the most efficient cure cycle. Vermont Composites has validated that cure time can be under 90 minutes. Vermont Composites has also been working with Toray Composites America Inc. to explore lower cost fiber options for the 2007 model year.


Vermont Composites is currently working with Toray on a contract that will run through 2006. Toray has made the P3831C-190 carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg that the Corvette uses for its fenders. The company has also worked with DaimlerChrysler on carbon fiber support structures. They are certified by TUV, a German government approved authority for car safety standards.


The fenders also come with a Z logo hole cut out. A factory-width front bumper will not fit. However, it is possible to install the fenders without changing the factory bumper. You will need to drill new mounting holes, and you may also need to trim around the mounting holes, depending on the build.


The Seibon Carbon Fiber Front Fender is a lightweight, 100% bolt-on replacement for the factory fenders. It is designed to give the vehicle a race-inspired look and is a perfect choice for show cars, track cars, or weekend street cars. They are available in a glossy carbon fiber finish, and are painted to match the vehicle's factory color code. They can also be painted to the customer's color scheme. They are made with the finest materials, craftsmanship, and craftsmanship. They are the perfect choice for an upscale car.


The fenders also include a gloss clear coat finish, which resists flaking and chipping. The front fender is designed to accept all the molding, wheel wells, and lighting found on the vehicle. The fenders are also shipped pre-drilled. The fender has a small cut out in the center for the Z logo, and a drilled mounting hole on each side.



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