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Wooden Pins

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If you're looking for unique pins to give out at your next event, you should consider Wood pins. These custom pins are made in the USA and can be delivered in 7 to 10 days, making them an excellent choice for urgent orders. They also have a low minimum order of 25 pieces, which is perfect if you need to order a large quantity. If you need more than 100 pieces, you can order larger quantities and choose larger designs. Typically, wooden pins are priced per hundred, but you can order up to 1000 or more if you need to. You can also order multiple designs with a different number of pins per design, but remember to stay within a 25-piece limit for each design in washi tape.

Cherry wood


These cherry wood pins are 1.5 inches wide. They come with a butterfly clutch pin. They are made with a high-quality, natural wood finish and feature a spot gloss varnish finish. Each pin is packaged on a matching pin card. If you're looking for a unique gift for a man in your life, these pins are a great choice.

Maple wood


Maple wood is an environmentally-friendly material that is ideal for wooden pins. Its beautiful color ranges from pale creamy-pink to a deep reddish brown, and its hardness means that it will resist abrasion. Its rounded tips are also gentle on your scalp and fine hair. The maple wood pins come with a locking pin keeper to keep the pin from losing its grip. This makes them an ideal choice for everyday kitchen use.


Maple dowels are available in several sizes and are available in kiln-dried or pre-stained finishes. Pre-bundled dowels are available in 36" and 48" lengths, and they are priced competitively. They are available in a variety of wood finishes, including lacquer and varnish.

Hand-painted maple wood


These hand-painted maple wood pins feature detailed hand-painted images on the wood. They feature a locking pin keeper to keep the pin from falling out. This adds a nice safety feature and collector value. A set of three pins costs $25. If you're looking for a unique pin that will complement your collection, try a Hand-painted maple wood pin.

Locking pin keeper


Wooden locking pin keepers are a great way to secure pins. They have a 1mm opening and fit most kinds of pins. They are also a great collector's item. These pin keepers are available in several different styles. There are many advantages to using these pin keepers, including a high level of safety and collector value.


These pin keepers are simple to use. They have a screw that tightens onto the pin post, preventing it from falling off. You can use these pin keepers to secure all sorts of items, including insignias, name tags, and motorcycles. They also work well on leather, law enforcement uniforms, and work clothing.



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