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Choosing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Portable oxygen concentrator continuous flow provide a steady stream of oxygen all day and night. They are best for people with high oxygen requirements, such as those diagnosed with COPD or respiratory conditions like asthma or bronchitis.

The best way to choose a portable oxygen concentrator is to determine your exact needs and talk to your doctor about the options available. Most oxygen prescriptions specify the amount of oxygen (LPM) and whether it should be delivered as a continuous or pulse flow.

Most portable oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen in one of two ways: steady flow and pulse flow. The latter delivers a small dose of oxygen at regular intervals between your breaths, ensuring that most of it stays in the lungs and does not waste oxygen.

While this method may be more efficient for some patients, it can also result in a lot of oxygen that’s wasted when you pause between breaths. This can be especially frustrating when you need to breathe quickly or if you’re taking short breaths during exercise, as it can leave you with a noticeable oxygen deficit.

How long a battery lasts is a significant consideration for most oxygen users who need to use their machine on the go. While most models can last at least three hours, some can even double that time with a second battery or a rechargeable charger.

Some portable concentrators have additional features that can make recharging easier, such as a built-in cart with a flip-up handle or the ability to take the battery out of the device and recharge it on the go. These extra features can be especially useful if you travel often, as they can give you the freedom to get out of your home without worrying about your oxygen machine running out of power.

The CAIRE SeQual Eclipse is a top choice for its high flow rate and flexibility between continuous and pulse delivery. It offers half-liter increments between the two, allowing it to meet more precise oxygen needs than other concentrators on this list.

This model’s high oxygen flow and ease of use also help it earn the highest overall rating among the top-rated portable oxygen concentrators on this list. It’s lightweight and durable, and it comes with a carrying case and mobile cart that makes it easy to move.

In addition, it’s the only portable oxygen concentrator on this list to feature DNA technology that communicates with the manufacturer to ensure the unit is working properly. This feature is designed to ensure that it’s always in top condition and will last a lifetime.


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