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Office Binders

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Office binders are useful for businesses and individuals who want to organize their work. They come in a wide range of capacities and sizes, making it easy to find the right one for your needs.


They are also durable and can withstand frequent use. They have thick plastic covers that resist cracking and tearing. They may also have a turned edge for a more professional look.

Custom made PVC products


Custom PVC products are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can be printed with a variety of techniques, including screen-printing and digital printing. They can also be decorated with foil stamping or debossing. The latter is especially popular with a metallic look and can be used for logos, text or artwork.


GS-JJ is a manufacturer of standard and custom plastic binders. They can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, including clear and black, and are suitable for use in office, commercial and school environments. Binders are available in a number of styles, including round-ring and slant-D.


They can be equipped with a die-cut window and index tabs to allow users to organize materials alphabetically, chronologically or by subject. These binders can be used by businesses of any size, and they are ideal for presentations or training materials. They are also useful for document storage and are an economical alternative to a traditional paper folder.

PVC products Australia


PVC is a versatile and durable plastic material that performs well in a wide range of conditions. It is water resistant and works in any temperature. It is also machinable and can be fabricated to fit almost any need.


However, PVC is a toxic substance to manufacture and use, and it can be dangerous for people who work with it. It can also be harmful to children if they ingest or inhale it. It can also contaminate soil and groundwater with dioxins when dumped or incinerated.


In order to address valid environmental concerns about the use of PVC, the Green Building Council of Australia has developed a scheme for certifying products. These products must have a valid audit verification certificate from a JAS-ANZ accredited auditor.

Ring binders


A ring binder can be a great way to organize documents and make them easier to access. It is also useful for presenting your work and can be customized to suit your style. The first step is choosing a binder style that suits your needs. There are several types to choose from, including O ring, D ring, and slant D ring binders. The next step is to choose a thickness, which is measured by the ring size and sheet capacity. These range from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in thickness.


While many people may dismiss ring binders as mundane office supplies, they are an essential part of any business that generates paper. Any business that provides services that require a lot of documentation should have a binder in place for keeping paper records, which can act as a backup in case the company’s computers go down or are hacked.

School binders


School binders need to be durable, large enough to accommodate standard-size papers and have a good closing mechanism that won’t nip fingers or fly open when the binder is picked up. They also need to have deeper pockets than those in regular binders, which often only hold a few sheets of paper. They should also have a zipper that feels smooth when opening and closing the binder.


Keeping your school binders organized is key to staying on top of your assignments. Use dividers to categorize your materials and keep notes, readings and homework in their respective sections. It’s also helpful to label your dividers so you can easily find them when needed.


You can even customize your Office binders by adding tabs to match your school’s color scheme or a specific class schedule. This is a great way to keep your binders organized and looking neat throughout the year.

Office binders


Binders are a great way to store and organize your papers. They can be used for school, work, or home and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Some binders have a cover that is plain, while others are adorned with a picture or text. They also come in a variety of colors and capacities. A 3-ring binder can hold up to 350 sheets of 8.5-by-11-inch paper, and some have a clear label holder on the spine.


Whether you need a simple 3-ring binder or a more stylish leather presentation one, we have you covered at bulkofficesupply. We offer a large selection of storage ring binders at a discount rate.


A standard office binder has a plastic cover that resists cracking or tearing, but it is not as durable as cardboard-covered binders. Its flimsy construction makes it more likely to break under pressure and less resistant to stacking on shelving. It is also difficult to open a binder with a thin plastic cover in a tight spot like a backpack or a purse.



Norbind Plastics is a company based in Australia and serving clients across the country. It offers a wide range of PVC plastic products including ring binders, folders and pockets. Its team of professionals can customize binders to suit the client’s needs. They can also incorporate a logo, color and other information to make them stand out. This will attract new customers and promote the brand in a unique way. It is also a cost-effective marketing tool.



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