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FIXDRY Amazing 3D Printer Filament Knob by Creality

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FIXDRY Amazing 3D Printer Filament Knob by Creality


A number of 3D printer owners have been complaining that it is difficult to insert their filament into the Bowden tube and push it through. FIXDRY Amazing 3D Printer Filament Knob is an easy-to-use upgrade that solves this problem. This device attaches to the extruder to provide a handle that allows users to easily grip the filament and guide it to the nozzle. Unlike other solutions, this device uses two grips to pull in the filament which helps eliminate skipping that often occurs during printing.


Another useful feature of this device is that it automatically pauses the print once the filament runs out. This prevents the user from having to manually stop the print and saves time. A filament runout sensor is a common feature that most 3D printers should have.


Creality also added a few other improvements to this model, including a toolbox, x and y axis belt tensioners, and a filament knob on the extruder to help guide the filament manually. These are some great ideas from the community that are now featured in this model.


This model also has a tempered glass bed that provides a better surface for printing. The tempered glass is easier to clean and can help reduce warping over time. In addition, this bed can be heated to 105°C which makes it easy to print flexible materials and hardened materials. This bed also has a flexible PEI film* that ensures good adhesion to many filaments.


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