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Unique Mens Underwear That Won't Ride Up

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For most men, a good pair of underwear is something they take for granted. Whether it’s grabbing a multi-pack off the supermarket shelf or reverting to the trusty Hanes, underwear is often overlooked in favor of more pressing wardrobe items like jackets and shirts. Yet, a well-fitting pair can make or break your day. A pair that bunches or rides up will cause abrasion and can even lead to painful skin irritation, especially if you’re a man with thicker, firmer thighs.

That’s why it’s important to refresh your drawers every now and again. With a little effort, you can find Unique Mens Underwear that won’t ride up and will leave you feeling supported, comfortable and confident. We talked to stylists, fitness professionals and discerning men about their favourite pairs and found four options that are sure to set you up for success — and keep you cool.

Boxer Brief

The boxer brief is a hybrid style that combines the support of traditional briefs with the leg coverage of longer shorts. This version from Stockholm-based basics brand CDLP is cut from lyocell (a rayon-like fabric that’s softer than cotton and uses less water) and elastane, making it both soft on your skin and hard-wearing. It also has a flat, built-in pouch and non-roll waistband that won’t ride up.

All Citizens is another brand that knows how to deliver premium mens underwear. Its line of standard, athletic and longer boxers is a great choice for all ages. These classics are made from a blend of 93-percent Supima cotton and 7-percent elastane, which makes them both breathable and long-wearing. They also feature a wide, comfort-enhancing waistband that won’t pinch or roll, even after a full day of wear.

The only downside to this underwear is that the front-to-back fly opening can be a bit tricky to get used to. It takes some practice, but it’s a minor issue compared to the overall fit and quality.

Another option to consider is this pair from Ethika, a company that aims to be a “leading lifestyle brand.” You’ll see this in their social media accounts, which are filled with pictures of athletes, championships, skaters, musicians and more. They’re also known for their incredibly soft Second Skin collection of mens underwear, which is both soft and incredibly strong.

Long Boxer Brief

A long boxer brief is a variation on the boxer brief that adds 3cm, 6cm or 9cm to the leg length. They’re a good choice for guys who prefer the extra leg coverage of a longer brief, want to add warmth to their gym kit or enjoy wearing them as mens underwear in bed.

Thongs and G-Strings

While thongs can be comfortable for some people, they tend to chafe or cause itching and may not be the best underwear to wear for long periods of time. G-strings are a similar story; they can cause chafing and may not be as versatile or breathable as briefs.


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